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Empower CS agents with complete customer intel and the power to resolve at first contact.

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Data available for first contact resolution

The first customer intelligence platform to unlock First Time Resolution in 4 simple steps

Complete customer overview for high FCR rates

Equip your agents with a complete customer overview

Provide the intelligence agents require to resolve customer calls the first time round. Orders, payments, last contact, and more - all in one place with no complex integrations.


Ensure call resolution with powerful tools

Give your agents the tools to understand and the power to resolve. Up-to-date information, personalized compensation, accessible playbooks, alerts, and signals, churn risk identifiers, and more.

Powerful tools to ensure first contact resolution

Guarantee a delightful experience and prevent future callbacks

Make the magic happen with your customer on the line. Improve Retention and CSAT by Identifying and preventing future issues, offering unique coupons and personalized deals, noticing conversion opportunities, and making them smile.


Analyze FCR trends to improve CSAT and Retention

Go from contact resolution to a CX revolution with insightful customer analytics, dynamic segmentation, and trend evaluation. Understand what's happening and act to improve.

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