Hit Your CS KPIs with Powerful Tracking

Powerful customer service metrics that reveal the truth and empower your agents in real-time.

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Customer service KPI monitoring dashboard

Unveil the reality, take action

Important customer service metrics screen

Give agents EVERYTHING they need to succeed -  All back-office and admin data in one place

With no complex integrations and zero engineer hours your agents get a complete view of their customer on one screen. Every historic touchpoint, all pending orders, top CS metrics, and tips to delight.


Configure KPIs and track trends in your customers’ behavior with ease

Dynamic dashboards and visualization tools make spotting trends and communicating with your team a breeze. Monitor universal customer metrics, like Retention, CSAT, LTV, and Call Time, or configure customer satisfaction KPIs unique to your business.

Customer support tracking system
Complete customer transaction tracking

Take action and drive the experience with playbooks, signals, and alerts that can be tracked at scale

Go beyond just watching your customer service metrics from the sidelines and get in the game. Help agents delight with the right playbook for every situation - from retention tactics to sales opportunities, churn alerts to birthday flags. Then step back - and track it at scale.


Monitor customer service metrics as they develop

Color coded metrics help focus your team where it counts. Adjust on the fly and hit your CS KPIs with quick learning iterations as your customers react.

Uniquely customer satisfaction metrics

Ready for customer monitoring tools that will change your game forever?

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