Interai x Sixt

We sat down with the Ops Director at SIXT group, Arik Zitiat and his support agent Koral Akzin, to find out how Interai’s tech has improved their operations and work processes.


SIXT Group is one of the largest investment and holding groups in Israel, with global operations spanning automotive, real estate, telecom, insurance, shipyards, and logistics sectors. As of 2020, the group's consolidated turnover has amounted to $2.46 billion. In the automotive sector, the group owns a fleet of 80,000 vehicles and operates via subsidiaries. The group’s subsidiaries are divided into:

  • Operating leasing, which holds 25% of the leasing market with a fleet of 54,000 vehicles.
  • Private Leasing, which holds 32% of the Israerli market, and serves 25,000 customers.
  • Car Rental - with 2,200 rental locations in more than 105 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Their Customer Service department has two back-office systems - one contains client profiles with their associated vehicles (the Leasing system), and the other serves as their Leasing Ops system containing general info on vehicles, gas discounts, etc. which allows gents to perform actions. When a customer requests a new Lease, agents are required to set this up in both systems.

To perform that, instead of using both systems separately, the agents uses Interai’s Customer360 App to view all customer info and perform the Lease Setup task easily from a single place, from which is then fed to both underlying systems using Interai’s VDM technology— entirely API integrations free.

Before Interai, their biggest challenges were the time wasted on navigating the multiple and cumbersome systems & screens and the frequent manual errors caused by system disparity. A skilled agents used to spend 9 min on average to carry out this task, oftentimes results in severe data inconsistency & contamination caused by manual errors. With Interai’s Customer360, Koral gets a full view of the customer which enables her to handle the request in a more effective and efficient way which caters to each customer needs, and a single place to handle tasks 6x faster — with absolutely zero errors.

What was your work like before and after using Interai?

“Our workflow contains dozens of outdated fields and old systems. We had a lot of human errors before we used Interai and now there are none. Also the AHT was reduced significantly”. Koral added that “before Interai it took a lot of time and resources to handle each ticket, now I find myself focusing on other things that help us increase our C-SAT”

Decrease in ATH
(from average of 9 min to 1.5 min)
Human errors
(from 8 per month on average)
Arik Zitiat
Ops Director

“Interai has changed the way we work in the most fundamental way we could imagine. We are no longer limited by our back office systems and can serve more clients without hiring additional agents.”

What is the most valuable thing you got from operating with Interai?

“The fact that we were able to completely eliminate human error makes the most impact on us, even though time saving seems most significant. These errors had some catastrophic implications that I don’t miss at all.”  Koral mentioned that manual typing across two systems would make her sometimes type in the wrong order. “I used to make two mistakes per week on average.”

“I can’t think of a better way to handle support tickets other than Interai”.