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February 8, 2022

What Is Customer Support Operations, And Why Do You Need It?

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If there is one thing for sure, optimizing your customer experience and driving your CSAT score up is the cornerstone foundation of a successful, scaling business. After all, customers/clients are the lifelines that keep any business running at full speed, and their long-term loyalty is the foundation that solidifies a growth-driven future. But something that is not as often brought up in conversational passing is just how much of a toll this can be on your frontline team to make those valuable results happen. 

Between balancing intricacies of operational efficiency, budgeting, workflow deadlines to enhancing the customer experience while simultaneously keeping the team morale high, it can inevitably lead to things like burnout and bottleneck performances – issues that can easily lead to a business empire crash if swept under the rug for too long. Now, the good news is that even if you are on the verge of facing the repercussions of a spread thin pipeline, there is a simple yet effective solution that can improve your team, bolster brand reputation, and set the pace for a picture-perfect CSAT. And the answer all boils down to one core umbrella term: customer support operation.

What Is Customer Support Operation?

Customer support operation, also sometimes referred to as 'support ops,' is at its core an operations team that helps your customer support departments better serve your customers and your company as a whole. These are generally a team of professionals who are trained to oversee teams/customer ticket agents and offer fundamental tools, support, and revitalized policies and procedures that help them perform better and ultimately improve the customer experience. 

In short, customer support operation helps your current team work in much more efficient, effective, productive and economical ways, all while reducing or even eliminating distractions and frustrations that could bleed into the CSAT score. To date, customer support operation teams are not yet commonplace in small businesses but have become a powerhouse cog in larger companies across all industry sectors. Even more, customer support operations may be those masters behind the curtains as they are not customer-facing, but they certainly instill dramatic impacts on customer service processes – impacts that truly make a real positive difference for frontline ticketers, CSAT, profit, and of course, brand reputation. 

Why You Need Customer Support Operations

Why do you need customer support operations? In general, customer support operation professionals are excellent at improving overall customer experiences and team efficiency/happiness. That in and of itself could be a good reason to think about implementing this approach within your own organizational structure. However, these professionals offer a highly diversified scope of work that make them an intrinsically valuable asset to a team. Some of those collective efforts include:

  • Brings Order To Chaos: If your customer support team is running in a million directions at once with no real destination, then a customer support operations team can help define clearer roles, protocols, and processes to streamline operations. In turn, this can allow your already established team to feel less tension and quickly address customer relations without workload fatigue. 
  • Bolsters Productivity and Performance: Tying a bit to the point above, order and defined expectations becomes the roots for better productivity and performance. Overall, a primary objective of customer support operations is to continuously help businesses function at high velocity through improved productivity, performance, and satisfaction, all of which can lead to better work environments and customer experiences. 
  • Deliver Diverse Resources and Support: Whether you are having a hard time scaling, your CSAT score is low, or your team is on the verge of burnout, customer support operation professionals can offer an array of services such as predictive scaling forecasting, customer relationship training, workforce/workflow management, the introduction of different tools and software (like chatbots) to make manual customer support easier to control, and better reporting processes to ensure things like KPIs and performance metrics are being tracks and monitored properly. 

How To Build A Customer Support Operation Team 

By this point, you likely matched your specific company needs with what customer support operations can offer and have decided that this could very well be a viable path forward to meet both your short- and long-term CSAT objectives. If that is the case, then it stands to reason that your next question is…‘how do I get started?’

First and foremost, you are going to want to hire the right people to fulfill the right roles that make up a customer support operation team. These should be people who have the right skills across reporting, metric reading, understanding various support models and have proper shift management experience. Though the defined roles and responsibilities can vary based on what your company requires, the most common titles in a good customer support operation team involve:

  • a support trainer who mentors and guides teams towards mission excellence;
  • a systems analyst who scrutinizes the data to remediate any support gaps;
  • a developer who helps rollout new support channels like self-service tools; and 
  • a support operations manager who oversees all relations and acts as the bridge between the different departments. 

Tip: You don’t have to venture through the recruiting and hiring stage all on your own. For instance, if you hire an experienced support operations manager first (either internally or externally), you can pair with them to build the rest of your team together with more professional insight and confidence. 

Want To Dominate Your Customer Experience? Then Support Your Support Team 

Yes, customer experience, CSAT, and all things customer support are vital aspects to get right within the business world to not just remain profitable, but also competitive as your particular industry evolves. But the real, underlying key to any business’s success isn’t just customer satisfaction, but the efficiency of your team that enabled you to get to that high CSAT point in the first place. 

All in all, creating a solid customer support operation team that allows your team to function at peak performance is what becomes the catalyst for sustainable growth and a positive customer experience ratio. As a final note here, never forget that time is of the essence when it comes to your support team needing the right guidance, balance, and tools necessary to accentuate customer happiness and maximize efficiency. And if you are wondering when the ideal moment is to add customer support operations into the workflow scene, the answer is simple: The day that you are forced to take an employee off customer assistance ticketing to help meet other internal workload tasks, it’s time. 

 For more information on how to support you customer operations efforts with the right tool book a demo with us today.

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