December 13, 2021

Top 9 Ticketing Software to Consider

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All companies need to be aware of their customer churn, the factors contributing to brand loyalty, and the commitment to providing high customer lifetime value (customer LTV). The quality of your help desk software and customer operations will largely determine how clients perceive your brand-- after all, every product is great until the end user has difficulty using it. Brands that easily communicate with clients about problems, how those problems are processed, and the time to resolution will make or break a brand.

While today’s business methods require the use of customer service tools, purchasing a ticketing software program can remove your level of influence, and may feel like outsourcing customer service. It’s imperative that your customer experience tools match your brand and provide the personal customer care that you value.

There are so many different help desk softwares and customer support tools available today, each with particular specialties, features, and pricing. Critical feature considerations include AI, chatbots, SLA management, app integration, ticket assignment, knowledge base capabilities, and messaging channels. What your company needs will depend on the size of your staff, expertise of IT, communication culture, location, and industry. With all of these considerations, it can be challenging to sort through the available options.

So we’ve compiled a list of ten excellent software options, depending on your company's scope, price point, and size. Now you can compare and make an informed choice!


Zendesk is a popular option, with a platform centered around consolidated conversations and information. Zendesk offers messaging capacity incorporating multiple methods, including web, social media, and mobile messaging. Support options don’t stop there, with live chat support, text, voice, and email channels as well.

AI capabilities allow you to save time and money on customer service, with up to 500 automated answers with the most extensive package. In addition, customization is available for dashboards and ticket structure, compliance, app integration, and robust language capabilities.

Zendesk offers a variety of packages broken into two groups. One package set tailors to companies providing services, with the other catered to companies with a focus in sales.

Pricing: $14-$215

Organization Size: 3-1000+ employees, particularly good for medium to large businesses

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Freshdesk offers an intuitive platform, not only for your customers but for initial setup. You can get up and running in days rather than taking months to build your system. Freshdesks offers over 650 software or app integrations, making them an extremely flexible choice.

With claims of reducing workloads by 65%, Freshdesk maintains that held desk software shouldn’t create more work for you. That’s why they provide top-level customer support for their platform.

Their ticketing solutions provide features like smart notifications, the ability to merge tickets, pre-programmed responses, and collision detection, which informs you who else is actively working on the ticket. With AI and bots to simplify and automate cumbersome tasks, Freshdesk has a tool for every scenario.

Freshdesk offers a free 21-day trial for all new customers.

Price per Agent: $15-$95 per month, with discounts available for annual billing rather than monthly

Organization Size: Great for small businesses, grows with the business

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Salesforce Service Cloud 360

Salesforce offers its own help/ticketing solution, which pairs well with any company relying heavily on Salesforce CRM software. This relationship can provide high CRM optimization. Service Cloud 360 focuses on case management, process automation, and delivering a quality agent workspace for all users. 

Case management uses omni-channel routing to automate matching the best agent to each case, depending on the category and level of expertise needed. In addition, all customer information, down to assets and support history, is included in the client file so that each agent has a complete view while determining a solution.

Workspace offers simple but practical features, like the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts and pre-configured ticket templates, even automated suggestions for reference articles to speed ticket resolution.

Price per User: $25-300 per month billed annually

Organization Size: Mid-sized to Large Companies

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While many ticketing softwares include AI capabilities, SummitAI's primary focus is integrating AI with customer service. Examples include Zero-touch Request Fulfillment, where certain classes of requests are customized to auto-fulfill, reducing time and errors.

SummitAI will provide the best value to enterprise-level companies running at a large scale, but the savings for this class of corporation are undeniable. Their automation workflow and machine reasoning technology can save your IT department up to 20% on operational costs annually.

Part of these savings is the tech to help consumers categorize the service requests from a detailed menu, a shopping cart method for submitting all service requests simultaneously, and a streamlined process for gaining multiple approvals for the request.

Workflow automations allow for increased inter-department collaboration without skipping steps. Coordination efforts decrease while allowing each team to mark their portion as fulfilled, only closing the ticket when each participating department has completed their order.

Price: Custom quote available upon request

Organization Size: 1,000-100,000 employees

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Jira Service Desk

Jira’s mission is to connect all departments and have the entire company on the same page. Client requests are easily tracked with an intuitive workflow. With a wide variety of incident management capabilities, automation and bots, multichannel communication like chat, phone, email, and text, your company will be able to communicate with clients however is needed.

Owned by Atlassian, Jira offers a competitive suite of tools that easily partner with Atlassian’s extensive suite of products. For example, Jira integrates with Confluence, where companies create their custom knowledge base per project. This automated process connects clients to reference articles, aiding them in troubleshooting and more before an agent is requested.

Jira allows for advanced workflow approvals, automated change risk assessment, and integrations with many other Atlassian products, including CircleCI and Jenkins.

Take advantage of their free trial offering before commitment to purchase.

Price per Agent: $20-$45, with special pricing for enterprise customers and discounts for paying annually rather than monthly

Organization Size: Up to 5,000 agents

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk offers a comprehensive suite of tools on its platform with affordability in mind, making it a top option for smaller companies or organizations on a tight budget. With time-saving tools like Round Robin ticket assignment, agent collision protection, ticket templates, artificial intelligence, customizable dashboards, and round-the-clock weekday chat support, any small to medium organization will have all the features they need.

For example, Zoho Desk makes it easy to track and convert any customer interaction into a ticket. So if your agent works with a client on a chat or social media platform, those conversations can be converted into a new ticket or attached to an existing one with one simple click.

Zoho Desk offers three tiers of pricing, from standard to enterprise. Zoho also provides custom quotes upon request.

Try it free for three agents to test drive. 

Price per Agent: $14-$40 monthly but billed annually

Organization Size: Any

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Intercom’s mission is to help companies create a conversational, personal touch to each client interaction while maintaining efficiency. 

Intercom provides this by cutting down 33% of common questions via their Resolution Bot-- these problems never need to work through the pipeline. Companies can also create their custom bots with Intercom for their specific needs. Finally, create reference articles to help both agents and clients resolve problems efficiently.

Intercom also prioritizes proactive support, so your clients feel your commitment to a smooth experience. For example, you can increase the number of client interactions without more agents with a combination of outbound messages providing scheduled downtime information or product tours.

Intercom determines pricing based on the number of agents and number of clients contacted and tiered feature packages based on company class. Quotes are provided by request.

Price: Custom Quote Upon Request

Organization Size: Inclusive packages provide service to very small to large businesses

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ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus by ManageEngine is focused on IT needs and offers service ticket and hardware management, as well as offering ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and knowledge bases. IT staff can access ServiceDesk Plus anywhere 24/7 through mobile app integration. It’s easy to create and maintain SLAs, providing high-quality service to your end-users.

ServiceDesk Plus offers technicians the ability to scan the software of all company users, allowing them to report on company compliance, quickly troubleshoot problems, and promote company unity. In addition, ServiceDesk Plus easily integrates with other ManageEngine products, offering your IT department a comprehensive suite of options and tools.

Their knowledge base offers unlimited KB articles. It's easy to search as well, so your company runs on the same information. ServiceDesk Plus speeds up ticket resolution by automatically assigning tickets to available technicians based on their current open tickets.

Finally, ServiceDesk Plus allows you to know the state of both your company and customer satisfaction through detailed reporting and surveys.

Pricing is based on a three-tiered package, with increasing numbers of agents and feature availability per package.

Price per Agent: $8-$49

Organization Size: Any

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Freshservice delivers an all-in-one solution, integrating messaging, troubleshooting, AI, and project management into one service. Their robust software allows for multiple integrations-- breaking down silo barriers while maintaining security-- keeping your team running on the same, real-time information.

Freshservice automation decreases the time and error rate for regular tasks. These automations don’t require code either, so it will be easy for your entire team to create the automation they need regardless of tech experience.

Many companies postpone the purchase of new software because it can take months to a year to have everything up and running. Not with Freshservice! Fast deployment is a top concern, so they’ve made it easy to customize your experience and start quickly by offering several no-code, drag-and-drop integrations for commonly requested features and automations.

Freshdesk integrates with Slack and MS Teams and even offers its own chatbot to keep communication channels wide open.

With four tiers of packages and features, you’re sure to find the right fit for your company's needs.

Price: $19-129, discounted prices for companies that pay annually versus monthly.

Organization Size: Small to Enterprise

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