December 29, 2021

5 Simple Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention in 2022

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The way customers do business has changed once again, and this time they are unequivocally in the driver’s seat. They don’t want to be sold too, especially not by salespeople or marketing campaigns. Instead, modern consumers decisively prefer to talk with family and friends about the products and services they use. They also prefer comparing reviews over being sold to. 

Not only has it become more accessible than ever for consumers to shop online, but it is easier than ever to find a comparable substitute. Not only will they compare you with your known competition, but new competition is springing up at increasing rates all the time. The quality of your customer care is equally important to selling a quality product or service.

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

customer retention has never been more crucial for two reasons. The first is that customer acquisition cost (CAC) has increased by about 50% in less than a decade. It has always been cheaper to keep an existing client, but it has never been more expensive to land a new client. Pair your CAC with the critical Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – the estimated amount the customer will spend with you over their lifetime– and you’ll quickly understand the strength of your business growth.

The second reason is that your loyal consumer base is the most likely to connect you with new clients. As mentioned earlier, modern shoppers prefer to use recommendations from those they know well, trust, and respect. So, when you have happy clients, they are much more likely to promote you and grow your business that way. 

Top Tips to Building Customer Loyalty

We know that customer satisfaction (CSAT) directly correlates to customer loyalty. The following tips will highlight the main categories of curating a highly satisfying customer experience (CX) to create an emotional bond with your clients.

1. Robust Problem Solving

Fast problem resolution is the top concern of most consumers. So, it’s critical to pair a complaint with the right customer support agent with the most complete record possible– quickly. 

Your ability to provide excellent customer service in this capacity will largely depend on the kind of customer support tools you use. If possible, invest in customer service software with artificial intelligence capabilities that automatically assigns self-reported cases to the best agent, rather than simply giving them to the next available agent. 

You’ll also want software that sends a reasonably personalized confirmation communication that the client’s complaint has been received, along with an expectation of when they will hear back from an agent. 

2. Develop Trust and Prove Value Through Free Content

With so many providers available today, many companies benefit most by playing the long game with their clients, creating an emotional attachment through a developed relationship. This isn’t necessarily made through personalized check-ins– content creation is a great way to build rapport with clients while publishing mass-applicable content. 
Since the average person creates three to four Google searches per day (totaling to a staggering 5.6 billion per day). You are more likely to connect with them if you offer a bit of free knowledge related to the topic instead of directly trying to sell your solution. This creates trust, demonstrates expertise, and turns you into an ally rather than a salesman.

3. Collect Customer Data and Feedback

There are two categories of customer data that have the potential to unlock your business success. 

The first is data about your customer– their age, gender, where they live, and what problems they have that brought them to you. It’s also helpful to create patterns of companionship products for yours because it will give you hints of other brands that may have already identified clients that would be interested in your product. 

The second category is data surrounding how your customers view your business. Customer satisfaction surveys, experience surveys, and net promoter data will help you hone in on what is working and what needs work. Consumers are often willing to wait for developments as long as they feel listened to and cared for.

4. Provide and Respond to Social Proof

The first application here is straightforward. Have a place where potential clients can read reviews (like an online store, website, or other profile) and make it easy for clients to review you, and respond to unsatisfied customers. 

The second point is to keep up with social expectations. The global civil unrest with social injustice partnered with the power realignment during the pandemic means that shoppers have never cared more about the social involvement of brands. 

Ranking social priorities include helping your employees balance work and safety during the pandemic, how minority businesses are being supported, being eco-friendly, or having charity connections.

5. Show that You Understand and Respect Your Clients

What we are describing here is making it simple for customers to shop, buy, and receive support after purchasing. Better yet, automate it so that they shop from you again. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve a great customer experience


  • Have demos or short explanations on your website to show how your product or service works
  • Provide an FAQ section to help them resolve common questions quickly
  • Use customer service tools like chatbots ready to go to answer questions while shopping
  • Styling or application guides as applicable to your business
  • Highlight particularly impactful client reviews

During Purchase

  • Intuitive cart with multiple options of paying, like PayPal and Apple Pay 
  • Prompt email confirmation with an emotionally connective message of thanks or praise 
  • A clearly stated return policy


  • Responsive, accessible customer service working across multiple communication channels
  • Rewards programs with discounts according to dollars spent or giveaways for reviews or other promotional participation
  • Offer subscriptions, so their first purchase automatically turns into additional purchases

Customer loyalty is the heart of the success of any business. It’s never been more expensive to land a new client, so you can’t afford to lose them. Not only will you save money by maintaining trust with your clients, but they are the natural gateway to new clients. But earning customer loyalty doesn’t have to be complicated. By focusing on these five ways, you will be very likely to scale your business quickly.

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