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April 25, 2022

4 Simple (Yet Powerful) Ways to Get Your New Plan Initiative Noticed

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Developing and presenting new initiatives that drive companies’ sales can be intricate and overwhelming, especially when it involves new, innovative, never before seen methods designed to improve customer experience. Thankfully, creating an omnichannel customer experience designed to improve the digital customer experience and sell your new plan initiative doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or overwhelming.  By focusing your energy on five simple actions designed to improve the CX experience, you can significantly improve your team’s chances of being seen and closing the deal.

From junior analysts to senior managers, C-level executives to business owners, and everyone on the sales and marketing team, a company’s ability to identify, develop, and innovate new plans and ideas designed to benefit the organization is crucial for its overall success. While the creation of new initiatives, products, and plans provide the groundwork necessary to promote long-term growth and organizational evolution, the day-to-day work of the customer support department is what ultimately drives sales, builds trust, and creates the customer experience that will determine the longevity and profitability of the business.  By enabling enterprises to gain a loyal consumer base while preserving these vitally important interactions, customer experience directors have a unique opportunity to help differentiate their organization from other brands, products, and services. It has been proven that companies that focus on developing and improving their customer experience are more likely to gain revenues, build lasting success, and achieve higher profit margins over the life of the business.  The importance of developing a new or improving an existing CX strategy through new initiatives can have a tremendous impact on the entire organization.  Luckily, this process is easier and more accessible than most executives realize.  

Here are four simple, direct, and effective ways to not only get your new plan initiative noticed but to ensure that it sells.

1. Ensure that your company’s short and long-term goals are aligned with your digital customer experience strategy

While digital marketing and strategy was present prior to the COVID crisis, no one was truly prepared for the industrial seismic shift that would take place during the lockdown.  As the months have passed, it has become increasingly obvious that the old, antiquated way of doing business and building an effective CX strategy was out, whereas strengthening and managing the digital-led experience between businesses and customers was here to stay.   

Before reflecting on your company’s current market position and statistics, consider the overall strategy and philosophy of the business while fully exploring and developing a new plan that assesses and identifies weak spots and vulnerabilities in the customer experience – focusing on the digital customer experience. Identify your short-term needs that must be addressed and build goals around those areas of concern while also building a long-term plan for continued growth and a focus on how to improve customer experiences.  

How advanced a solution can be and how persuasive the team is in defending it are irrelevant if the initiative isn’t aligned with the goals and desired outcomes of the company. Given the importance of an omnichannel customer experience in today’s marketing efforts, presenting your new plan initiative in a way that meets the client where they are and aligns with your goals will encourage confidence and loyalty.

2. Utilize different communication streams and methods to deliver your CX strategy clearly and creatively to your team

If you want to implement an omnichannel customer experience that works, you need to start with your team.   Improving your customer experience requires a team that not only understands the new plan initiative and strategy but embraces it.  While it has served businesses well for centuries, written communication alone is simply not an efficient or effective way to create or convey your CX strategy in the 21st century.   By developing creative digital communication streams and streamlined, easy-to-utilize tools, organizations can present their digital customer experience strategy to their team in a way that is easier to absorb and faster to implement.  With different managerial styles, employee behavior, and organizational norms shifting daily, it is critical to share, convey, and present your new initiatives to your team in a way that meets them where they already are: In the digital world.

If your customer experience team doesn’t buy into your strategy – your efforts are dead in the water.  To improve the customer experience, you need to start with your team and deliver a unified and united front that exudes confidence.  

3. Let your customers know what to expect and empower them to be part of the process

When it comes to presenting a new plan or initiative for the first time, the core focus should always be your client's needs, wants, and journey.   One of the greatest mistakes that customer service executives make is trying to keep the details of their CX strategy hidden or obscured from their audience.  

By ensuring that your customers and your team are both fully aware and invested in your digital customer experience strategy, you are able to level the playing field and create a sense of equity that drives sales.  In other words, if you plan to suggest a new solution or strategy to your customer support team, make sure the benchmarks and expectations are also known to your clients.  When companies embrace transparency and eliminate the mystery behind the customer experience, clients develop a stronger sense of loyalty and on average, spend more money.  The result?  More impassioned, dedicated customers who are willing to spend more, thus creating greater profits and overall growth.

4. Be willing to adjust, pivot, or reimagine your strategy if it isn’t working

There is a saying in business:  Fail fast.  While it is true that the most successful initiatives and customer experience strategies require trial and error, one fatal flaw that destroys the progress of countless companies is an inability or unwillingness to shift or change direction when something isn’t working.  Whether it is an unwillingness to change course or an unawareness of the existing problems, many organizations simply don’t adjust their plan or pivot their approach, even when the outcomes are not great.

With so many CX strategies and digital customer experience tools available today, you must be willing to change course, make tweaks, or revise your approach every step of the way.  Consumer mindsets change, technology advances, and approaches shift – but if your company chooses to remain inflexible and unable to innovate, you will likely lose the attention, loyalty, and business of your customers.

Building a customer experience strategy that helps you sell your new plan initiative doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or time-consuming.  It comes down to trusting your team, trusting your customers, and focusing your attention on creating a client-focused approach capable of driving your business for years to come.

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