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We’re Interai

And we’re building a better future for customer service


customer service needs
an appgrade

Our world changed when apps showed up. Everything from Sushi to a taxi is now a tap and click away. What a time to be alive. But somehow, work didn’t get the memo. Instead of apps, customer reps juggle multiple, complicated, unfriendly systems while our customers wonder what’s taking so long. It’s time to bring apps to work.

Enjoy the App Life at Work

WorkApp Generation is the upgrade customer service badly needed. It’s the friendly familiar app life you know and love -- at work. No more attack of the screens just to get your customers what they asked. Instead, a simple, beautiful app with everything needed to get service done.

Welcome to the WorkApp Generation

We think that reps deserve the smooth, simple, and super productive app experience we know and love. That’s why we’re building the WorkApp Generation—a new era where customer service is actually enjoyable for everyone. So systems, we love you—you’re great.
But we’ve got WorkApps now. So we’re good.

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Come along for the ride

We’re making customer service awesome by building some serious tech together with some not-so-serious people. Wanna join us?


Company Values

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Keeping It Real

Keeping it real.  Be vulnerable. Be honest. Ask dumb questions. Share what makes you feel uncomfortable. To us, it’s the only way to avoid drama and actually get things done. And our kind, open, honest environment is what makes that possible.

Making Experience King

We eat, sleep, and breathe our users- the customer service reps. Their problems are our problems. Their needs are our needs. Because building something great is about more than happy customers. It’s about overjoyed end -users. And that’s who we’re thinking of every day.

Going big

We’re solving a massive problem in a way no one even thought was possible. Because until now, it wasn’t. To do that, we don’t focus on what is. We focus on what can be, and go build it from scratch. We’re all visionaries, rebels, great big dreamers. And together, we’re bringing a whole new market to life.

They got our back

Together with current and former executives from Microsoft, IBM, Google, Salesforce, Akamai and VMware.

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